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Case Caro Carrubo

After visiting mostly cities, we were ready to head out to the countryside. We were to spend some days at an ecological farm and vegetarian/vegan bed and breakfast in the Ragusa province. Case Caro Carrubo ("houses of the dear carob trees") turned out to be a green oasis in the midst of hills and fields, and the owner turned out to be a wonderful German lady. She had come to Sicily as part of the anti-war movement and had bought and renovated the farm in the early nineties.

Surrounded by the other inhabitants, cats, dogs, chickens, and humans, we got to see a glimpse of the lifestyle they had chosen: living a life of physical work, as part of the local community, trading in goods rather than in money, appreciating the homegrown food and all the beauty of nature, and advocating for simple life and world peace. It's so cool, living on a farm!

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