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A trip to Switzerland

Dear world-wide web,
we send you these bits
to remember this summer's wonderful trip.

To keep on this page
memories of days
back from a time when the world began to break.

Not everywhere -
there still was clean air
clean water and nature, but it was becoming rare.

The time had arrived
with clear enough signs
to make it difficult to close one's eyes.

Forests were lit
as heatwaves hit
and floodwaters crumbled homes into bits.

Privileged enough
with money and stuff
we took a train to Switzerland, the country of love.

Thus begins this tale,
you may grab a beer (or ale)
and journey through the pictures of our lovely mountain trail.

We trekked through snow,
watched mountain rivers flow
and skipped over stones where the water was low.

Landscapes we saw
like paintings without flaw
The nimble Alpine ibex left us in awe.

Glaciers shone blue,
a fresh wind blew.
From the top of the world you can have the clearest view.

The weather was mild,
marmots lived in the wild,
and everyone who passed us smiled.

We leave you with this,
c'est la vie Suisse!
Until the next adventure, our greetings and a kiss!

But we have a request:

Please don't be inspired to travel to Switzerland because of this blog post, and if you are determined to go, please don't take an airplane. Please avoid flying anywhere. And since we're making requests, please don't eat animals.

We only have one planet, we have to do our best.

(C) 2020-2022 David Dasenbrook. contact: info at beamtime dot net.